Credit Union Credit Union Facts

How to Join a Credit Union

Almost anyone can join a credit union, and there are many ways to do this. For example, there may be a credit union serving your neighborhood. Or, you may be eligible through your school or job. You may even be eligible through a family member, community group, association, or place of worship.

Tips to Finding a Credit Union to Join:

  1. Do research: call credit unions in your area and ask about membership eligibility. Or, by using our zip code locator (near the top left of this page under Find a Credit Union'), you can access a database of Colorado credit unions near you. We’ll point you in the right direction.
  2. If you’re employed, ask your boss: your company may sponsor a credit union or may be a select employee group (SEG) that has access to a credit union.
  3. Ask your family: most credit unions allow members' families to join (for some that even includes extended family).
  4. Ask your neighbors: some credit unions serve certain areas – find out if your neighborhood is one of those.
  5. Ask friends: see if anyone in your inner circle knows of a credit union you could join.
  6. If you're in college, check with your university: being a student might make you eligible to join a credit union.