Credit Union Credit Union Facts

Leave the bank behind.

Credit Unions’ reputation for providing excellent customer service, better rates, and lower fees make them a welcome alternative to your typical banks.

  • Expertise that will benefit your bottom line, not theirs.
  • Assistance figuring out your credit score, setting up a budget, managing money, establishing credit, how to pay off debt, whether to buy a new or used car, etc.
  • Many of the same services you find at banks.
  • Personal attention you need to help make important financial decisions.

Top 10 Reasons to Become a Credit Union Member:

1. Better interest rates and lower fees

When you're getting better interest rates and paying lower fees, you get to keep and save more of YOUR money, helping you take charge of your financial life.

2. Full line of products and services

Most credit unions can give you the same services as a bank - checking, savings, ATMs, debit cards, investment funds, mortgage loans, car loans, and even school loans.

3. Convenience

As a member, you can have access to free ATM's all across the state and the country. Whether it's flying through DIA or a summer vacation in Florida - you can find a free ATM.

4. Expertise

Financial matters can be complicated. Not only are staff members friendly and open, they have years of experience to help you make important decisions.

5. Customer Service

Credit union customer satisfaction consistently ranks higher than banks, and there is a reason why: At a credit union, you are a member, not a number.

6. Credit Unions Give Back

Credit unions believe in giving back to the communities they serve through event sponsorships, scholarships, financial literary assistance, and more. Your community is, literally, their community.

7. Safe and Sound

The safety of your money and investments is an important aspect to consider. Rest assured, your money is safe—and insured— at a credit union.

8. Not-for-Profit

The not-for-profit status is a very important distinction that separates credit unions from banks because it means credit unions return their profits (what's left after paying expenses) to you specifically. This is how credit unions can offer better returns on savings, lower rates on loans, and new or improved services.

9. Member-owned

Don't let “membership” scare you. It simply means you have a say in some of the activities of your local credit union, should you want it. It also means you are treated with the same respect as everyone else.

10. Locally-Owned

Credit unions are locally owned by members. They are among the only locally-owned financial institutions.